About Us

Company Profile

Since 1961, M. R. Franceschini, Inc. has grown and developed into a diversified Industrial Technologies Sales & Services organization. Focused specializations now include: Process Instrumentation: Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature measurements applications and a host of other industrial measurements applications.

Steam specialties for optimizing Steam utilization & Steam energy conservation; Tank conservation/breather vents; Process Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature measurements applications and a host of other industrial measurements applications. M. R. Franceschini, Inc. provides technical support in the pre-design of customized systems, utilizing components drawn from M. R. Franceschini, Inc. core-product lines which include Process Measurements & Controls, Safety Systems, Fluid Control, Steam Specialties, Electrical T&D and Power Generation Systems & Equipment.

Vision Statement

Superior Customer Services through Innovative & Potential Solutions for the Power & Process Industries.

Mission Statement

Serving the Power & Process industries by listening and responding to our customer’s needs while providing superior solutions, technical support and expertise in high quality systems & products from the leading manufacturers represented. In return, we shall continuously improve our market position, competitiveness and financial position in order to foster our growth and control our destiny.

Geographic Territories

Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands & Dominican Republic

Products and Services

  1. Process Instrumentation and Measurements
  2. Industrial Safety Systems – Gas and Fire detection
  3. Corrosion, Cavitation, Erosion Control and Repair Solutions
  4. Steam Energy Conservation and Optimization Specialties
  5. Fluid Control Valve Specialties.

The technical support involved in the specification, selection and application of these engineered products as solutions to specific customer problems is at the heart of MRF’s value-added business strategy.

Markets Served

The primary markets served by MRF in Puerto Rico include all Industrial Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage Process Plants, Oil Refineries, large & medium Commercial Operations, Government Water & Electric Utilities and Electrical/Mechanical Contractors.


Mario R. Franceschini, P.E., started MRF INC. in 1961, as an engineer and manufacturer’s representative of Boilers equipment and process instrumentation. He provided his services to the island wide sugar cane industry that operated at the time. In 1971, with the petrochemical complex that was emerging on the south coast of PR, MRF developed a satellite office in Ponce, PR to meet the needs locally. Later, MRF saw the rising development of the pharmaceutical industry all over the island and the need to shift industry focus to FDA regulated, chemical / pharmaceutical processes.

In the 1990’s, local and federal Tax exempt limitations on industries have continued to reduce industrial plant expansions and MRF focus shifted from pursuit of projects & expansions, to the specialized MRO investments and automation/optimization options among our strategic partner industries and utilities.

In 2001, Mario Franceschini Salom, our third generation Franceschini joined the family firm after graduating with a Biomedical Engineering degree and within the last 10 years the MRF Process Instrumentation & Technical Services Group has provided additional and greater value to our customers in the areas of: services training, calibration and maintenance and power quality solutions. Facing the 21st Century of Global integration, MRF continues to innovate through value added Technical Services for Total Customer Satisfaction.



Mario Rolando Franceschini Rodriguez  Mario Ronaldo Franceschini Porrata            Mario Franceschini Salom

Founder *1919-2008                                   President & General Manager                               Vice President


Staff & equipment

MRF consists of 21 employees. The breakdown of employees consists of 6 outside salespeople, 4 inside sales and 2 technical service technicians. The balance is made up of executive, administrative, clerical, warehouse and information systems personnel.


MRF Corporate offices are located in the heart of Santurce a suburb of San Juan, PR. A 17,000 sq ft headquarters where administrative staff, including Inside Sales & Sales Engineers handle Customer Services, all operations, order entry, billing, payables, and collections. Warehousing & parking are also included within this facility.


MRF recognizes the importance of maintaining adequate inventory to meet the emergency needs of all of its customers. For this reason, approximately $100,000 of inventory is kept on hand and readily available for immediate shipment like: Fluid Control Solenoid Valves, Steam Traps, steam Pressure/Temperature Regulator Specialties, critical components of our Process Instrumentation and Corrosion Control Vapor Phase Inhibitors.

Administrative Capabilities

All inventory management and control functions are processed by our unique Unix based, Rep Agency Management Software System. Instant updates on price and availability on inventory items is accessible through a network of over 30 servers and workstations. This same network integrates all our Order Entry, Follow-up and Expediting systems, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, and all Billing & Payment functions.

MRF office communications consists of high speed broadband throughout the building, various T1s (24 channels/lines) digital communication services for voice & data transmission. A Nortel Meridian Telecom system with Star-Talk Voicemail capabilities for all workstations, which provide 24-hour voicemail support for each person. Multiple fax lines are also available to support customer service requirements for both local and overseas customers & principals.

Customer Service

The basic operating philosophy of MRF, Inc. is outlined below:

“Customer loyalty builds profitability and growth.”

“Customer loyalty is the direct result of continuous customer satisfaction.”

It is the objective of MRF to continuously satisfy and delight its customers. To that end, MRF has delegated the responsibility of developing and nurturing a culture of customer satisfaction to the entire organization. Through a program of education, training, measurement, and recognition, we are seeking to enhance and employ exceptional customer service as our most powerful competitive advantage.

For more information about MRF, please contact us by phone 787-622-7080, fax 787-721-5762.