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Brooks MT3809 VA Flow Meter / Widest temperature, pressure and process range. One proven flow meter.

Brooks’ latest variable area (VA) flow meter innovation, the all-new MT3809, is the solution for extreme conditions in chemicals, petrochemicals, oil & gas and LP gas applications.

Brooks has been helping customers worldwide with VA flow meter solutions for more than 65 years, from our standard models to custom-designed products that incorporate special materials and pressure ratings. Brooks variable area flow meters can be provided with a variety of wetted materials for high-pressure, high-temperature conditions and hazardous locations. Unmatched documentation and technical service ensure you get the right product to last for the life of your process. The Brooks line of rugged metal tube variable area meters (rotameters) is ideal for high pressure, high temperature, and other demanding flow applications where safety is a concern.

Engineered to work where you need it: Choose the MT3809 variable area (VA) max flow meter (rotameter) for all the high-pressure, high-temperature VA flow measurement and control requirements on your next project. Proven to deliver reliable, repeatable gas and liquid flow measurement and control in thousands of installed locations, the MT3809 is practical and economical, making it the “go-to” choice for Engineering Procurement Contractors (EPC) and major industrial facilities worldwide.

The MT3809G configuration features a digital LCD display with local operator interface, providing valuable process outputs such as totalization and alarm signals. It also lets users make parameter changes without removing the cover, which means changes can be made even in hazardous areas.


  • Flow meter offers extremely wide range of flow ratings - supports very low to very high flow rates

  • Temperature ratings from -325°F to 788°F (-198°C to 420°C )

  • Pressure ratings up to 6,000 psi (standard products) and up to 20,000 psi (custom models)

  • Enhanced LCD display with local operator interface (optional)

  • High-/low-flow alarm functions that meet SIL 2 requirements

  • 316SS stainless steel flameproof housing meets ATEX gas group IIC/Class 1 Div 1 hazardous area rating

  • Selection of corrosion resistant wetted materials and indicator housing to fit demanding application needs

  • Gasket sealing surface meets ASME requirements, no special gaskets required

  • Flow transmitters are available with HART® 7 or FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus capability and have worldwide approvals


  • Repeatable flow measurement even at very low process temperatures and the highest process temperatures of any VA meter

  • Designed to meet ASME B31.3 – a requirement requested at the world’s major industrial facilities

  • Product documentation, material traceability and project planning perfectly blends with the needs of EPC system integrators

  • No power required – reduces usage cost and installation complexity

  • A reliable flow measurement technology that can communicate to control systems over analog or digital interfaces even when power is not available

  • Broad pressure and temperature range enables choosing one meter for multiple uses

  • Excellent reliability and dependability – in use for decades worldwide

  • Globally approved for use in explosive, hazardous environments, meeting the highest international explosion safety requirements

  • Multiple connection options for easier installation

  • Unique flange design avoids the need for special gaskets

  • Weldneck flanges are standard and can be examined for integrity

  • FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter qualified by EMERSON seamlessly connects to Delta V control system and AMS device manager. Access the install kits here then search for "Brooks 3809G"


  • Basic liquid or gas flow measurement

  • Monitoring lubrication and/or coolant for rotating equipment

  • Measurement of additives

  • Monitoring gases for furnaces

  • High-pressure flow on offshore oil platforms

  • Chemical injection

For request a quotation or more information, contact

M. R. Franceschini, Inc. 787-622-7080


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