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Clark Reliance...Your Single Source for Reliability!

Your Single Source for Reliability in Level Indication & Control, Sightflow Indication, Filtration & Separation

Clark-Reliance is dedicated to supplying the largest and broadest product line in the instrumentation industry for all types of measurement and control. Key acquisitions over the last few decades have solidified Clark-Reliance as a leader in the separation and filtration industries as well. Clark-Reliance now includes a number of distinguished product lines: Jerguson®, Jacoby-Tarbox®, Anderson® Separator and Oil Filtration Systems®.

Instrumentation & Controls

Instrumentation and Controls from Clark-Reliance includes some of the best-known brands in the power generation and industrial processing industries. Rather than resting on its laurels, Clark-Reliance has continued to apply new technologies to its products, to make them even more reliable, improve efficiency and make life easier for the operators if industrial facilities.

Jerguson®: Liquid Level Gauges

Jerguson products represent the worlds largest selection of liquid level gauge glasses, magnetic gauges, and accessories for process level indication and control,

Reliance®: Boiler Instrumentation

Reliance products are the most widely-recognized and trusted line of boiler trim controls in the industry. Our offering include gauges, valves, columns and indicators.

Jacoby-Tarbox®: Sight Flow Indicators

Sight flow indicator and sight windows are available for nearly any pressure temperature application. With the most extensive range of out-of-the box" safety sight glass offering, Jacoby-Tarbox products provide reliability and availability.

Filtration Equipment

Today's fast-moving gas processing industry relies on Anderson Separator to quickly supply in-demand filtration, separation and coalescing equipment from stock. This expedited service helps keep the gas flowing in a rapidly-changing gas industry landscape. Quick shipment and experienced field service technicians are available from Oil Filtration Systems.

Anderson Separator®

Anderson Separator Manufacturers mechanical separators, coalescing separators, and filter separators to remove liquids and solids from gas flows. A fully-integrated designer and fabricator of ASME pressure vessels, Anderson provides quick delivery of standard vessels from stock.

Oil Filtration System® | Oil & Fuel Purification

Oil Filtration Systems manufacturer purification systems for a wide range of industrial oils and fuels. Its extensive variety of equipment remove contaminants such as water, particulate, entrained, gas, varnish and acid from industrial fluid, preventing the unnecessary disposal of millions of gallons of oil and fuel each year.

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