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Franceschini Energy Services

Steam has been used as an energy exchange medium since the Industrial Revolution. Our team of highly qualified auditors and surveyors have decades of experience operating and optimizing steam systems.

Steam Energy Audit ​with Steam Trap Inspection


•Visual inspection of steam trap stations installation

•Visual inspection of Pressure Reducing Stations

•Confirm essential components on Heat Transfer Station are correctly installed

•Verify Steam Traps performance using Ultrasound and Temperature diagnostic


•Calculate facility Steam and Condensate costs

•Outline of Safety and Energy saving potential improvements

•Tag steam traps with sequentially numbered for easy identification

•ROI calculation for potential savings vs investment

Compressed Air Leak Survey


Ultrasonic leak testing of Compressed Air System distribution piping and compone

Check all drain traps, quick connection points & other usage points

•Identify & visually tag any obvious problems such as loud leaks or damaged piping

•A Summary Report will be produced that will include survey details, leak losses, cost justification and any observations

Steam System Fundamentals Seminar

Course Details:

•Industrial Steam Systems typical components

•Boiler operation and safety elements

•Heat Transfer (Heat Exchangers) best practices

•Basic maintenance of steam traps, steam regulators and condensate recovery pumps

•Improve Steam System Performance and Safety

•Energy, Fuel, Water and Emissions reduction initiatives

4-hour classes per day/shift enables all critical personnel to attend

Boiler Room Retrofits

Boiler room improvements will increase system performance and reduce fuel and water consumption. Allow our team to evaluate your Steam system and recommend upgrades.


•Boiler Controllers

•Flame Safeguard

•Parallel Positioning

•Fuel-to-Air Control

•Boiler Level Control

•Water Treatment Solutions

•Feed Water Automation, Pump and Level Control

•Boiler Burner Upgrades

•Fuel Switch and Fuel Train upgrades

•Waste Heat recovery

•Exhaust Solutions (Chimneys)

•Gas Detection Systems

•Blowdown Control System

•Fuel Handling System

Scheduled Maintenance Agreements

Our maintenance program runs on a yearly basis and is designed to keep your process running at optimum efficiency without the worry of unpredicted downtime due to mechanical issues. Avoid costly downtime.


•Steam Trap Inspection and Replacement

•Condensate Recovery Pumps

•Pressure Reducing Valves

•Metering Verification's

•Minimal spares stock-holding. Consumables, such as valve packing & trim and gaskets included in price

• Fuel Handling System Preventive Maintenance


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