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NEW Micro Motion CMFS ELITE® Coriolis Flow and Density Meters

Emerson Process Management has added the Micro Motion ELITE CMFS sensor platform to its line of Coriolis flowmeters to deliver precise measurement to smaller line sizes (pipelines less than 2 inches or DN50). The new sensor platform expands the ELITE family of flowmeters, whose functionality, line size breadth, accuracy, and flexibility make them ideal for a wide range of real-world applications.

The new ELITE CMFS platform features an optimum level of scalability and standardization, compact, lightweight, and fully drainable design, optimized for measurement performance in the most critical and demanding applications. The robust meter design provides accurate measurements even in challenging fluid conditions such as changing densities, pressures, temperatures, or viscosities.

ELITE Performance and Capabilities

• Achieving the ultimate flow fit for your application

• Smart Meter Verification: advanced diagnostic for your entire system

• Industry-leading capabilities that unleash your process potential

• Unparalleled performance in two-phase flow conditions

A new compact and fully drainable design delivers precise measurement in an array of line sizes for tough applications.

The new meters are virtually immune to pipeline vibration, changing process conditions, mounting or environmental effects.

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