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Spirax Sarco Control Valves

Spirax Sarco provides a comprehensive range of control valves to suit most industrial fluids including general and special service.

Our approach is to provide:

• Choice – the right product for the job • Quick delivery – through local stocks and configuration • Quality of people, product design, manufactured and tested to international quality assured standards • Reliability from attention to detail in design, manufacture and correct application of the product • Ease of maintenance through design and parts interchangeability, and local stock of spares • Service from a worldwide network of expert controls specialists and sales and service engineers •Value for money by providing all of these things at a competitive price

Product offering: • General service control valves • Special service control valves • Safety valves • Self-acting, pneumatic and electric actuation • Positioners and other control interface devices • Pneumatic and electric controllers and transmitters • Flowmeters • Boiler controls • Precisely matched steam control valves that form an integral part of our heat exchange package solutions • All capable of being networked for centralized control and monitoring

SPIRA-TROL general service control valves

The SPIRA-TROL has been developed using the very latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics and rapid prototyping techniques to provide a modern valve for today’s demanding industries. The control valve has a modular design concept and incorporates many options within one body envelope. Both ASME (ANSI) and EN versions share the same internals and only three pneumatic actuators are required for valves up to DN200, 8″ in size. This leads to a low number of components and a highly flexible system, where one valve can satisfy the needs of numerous industrial requirements. The outcome for the user is a general service control valve with exceptionally low cost of ownership.


  • A general service control valve with a winning formula

  • General service application

  • Precise Control

  • High Performance stem sealing

  • Long life internals

  • Low number of components

  • Quick and easy maintenance

  • Low cost of ownership and higher profits for you

B Series The simple, effective solution

With light industrial and general utility service in mind, the B Series has been developed to be the most simple and cost effective solution available. Careful, thoughtful design using the latest computer aided techniques has made the B Series one of the best performing light industrial valves on the market. Rigorous testing and our diverse application experience make it one of the most reliable.

The B Series is a bronze bodied control valve that features:

  • ANSI 250 body rating • NPT threaded connections • 2-way and 3-way versions • 300 Series stainless steel trim • Class IV (metal seating) and Class VI (PTFE soft seating) shut-off capability • Full and reduced capacity trims

For request a quotation, contact M. R. Franceschini, Inc. for more information 787-622-7080


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