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Stop wasting energy! Thermaxx removable insulation jackets…

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Smart Jackets are a revolutionary new insulation cover featuring a built-in wireless temperature monitoring system for steam components. With Smart Jackets, you finally can insulate steam components, document energy savings, remotely monitor component health, and receive alerts to your phone or e-mail – all in one smart solution.

  • Installs in minutes

  • Zero infrastructure modifications needed

  • No wires

  • Non-invasive

  • Jackets designed for specific components for the perfect fit and maximum performance

  • Custom insulation jackets available

Hot jackets keep heat inside 

Over time, insulation is damaged or removed from components such as gate valves, steam traps, and wye strainers due to component maintenance or repair. These components are usually never re-insulated. Hot insulation jackets can help your company in many ways. Whether you’re looking to save money, increase workplace comfort, or simply keep your equipment running smoothly, our hot insulation jackets can help.


Save Money

Hot insulation jackets keep expensive heat from radiating away from your equipment. Whether you’re looking to insulate your heating systems steam valves, PRV stations or tanks, hot insulation jackets will lower your energy bill.

Stop heating the wrong spaces

Heating pipes run through unconditioned spaces before reaching the finished portions of your facilities. Attics, crawl spaces, and basements don’t require the same heating as your actual workspace, yet without insulation much of your expensive heat is going to these places. Insulating your steam pipes will allow you to lower the thermostat while achieving a higher level of comfort.

Increase workplace comfort

Uninsulated steam components leak expensive heat throughout the unfinished spaces of your building. This leaves less heat reaching its destination. Everyone is familiar with a room in their facility that is too hot to work in. This is usually a mechanical room, an area in a crawl space or a boiler room. Removable Insulation Jackets will help keep the heat in the pipe and make the work area a more comfortable space to work in.

Easily removable for servicing

ThermaXX Jackets are made to be easily removed and to replace, ensuring your energy efficiency will not get in the way of regular maintenance. Our quality jackets are made with a hook and loop straps, or 1 inch buckles and D-rings. This keeps the jacket securely in place, while making them easy to remove. Our jackets are also sometimes built with vents and water drainage solutions to help prevent corrosion under insulation.

High Quality Construction

ThermaXX Jackets are made with high-quality and state of the art materials by USA manufacturers. We use heat resistant thread and jacketing to ensure the jacket can handle high temperatures, and use fully hydrophobic aerogel insulation or Glass mat, type E needled fiber as insulation. We then sew the components together, ensuring the insulation interior is actively sewn into to jacket to prevent shifting. The result is a high quality durable jacket, able to withstand high temperatures and removal without losing quality or functionality.

Removable Insulation Covers with Temperature Monitoring

Watch and learn about the new Thermaxx Smart Jacket, new wireless temperature sensor technology in the insulation industry. Smart Jackets have built in technology to measure energy retention. You can finally monitor temperatures and prove energy and dollar savings with real data. You also can monitor component health remotely using Smart Jackets’ alert system.

Please press play to view the Video Demo of New Thermaxx Smart Jacket

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