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Tank Overfill Protection / Level Measurement Technologies

SOLUTIONS CENTRAL | February 2021 |

Tank overfill incidents in recent years have resulted in loss of life and billions of dollars in damages to industrial facilities worldwide. In response to the impact of critical tank overfill incidents over the past decade, below you will find valuable information, insights and strategies to remediate inconsistent or unsafe overfill prevention processes at industrial facilities.

Levels of Concern are calculated product levels in the tank upon which all alarm and alert positions and response times are based. Careful calculation of LOCs ensures the success of the OPS.

Risk Assessment Considerations

  • Fill rate, frequency and duration

  • Overflow volume potential

  • Monitoring system - Alarms(Visual/Audible)

  • Filling multiple tanks or switching between tanks during receipt

  • Hazardous nature of liquid

  • Human impact of overfill

  • Environmental impact of overfill – water

  • Regulations

  • Social impact – corporate risk

Recommended Level Technologies

Point Level Sensors for "Detection"

Point level sensors actuate at one or more discrete levels. These types of instruments may be used as the HH sensor and may be of a mechanical or electronic technology. Sensors used on floating roof tanks must detect the roof as well as the liquid should the roof become submerged. Additional point sensors may be used for additional alarms or alerts as determined by the operator.

Continuous Level Sensors for "Measurements"

Continuous level sensors output an analog-type signal over a specified range of the tank height. Continuos sensors may be used as the level sensor or as the high-high alarm sensor. Additional continuos level sensors may be used to monitor additional alarm or alert points as determined by the tank operator.

Magnetrol offers an extensive range of innovative level controls for process industries.

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