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Thermal Mass Flow Measurement Technical Services

Verifying flow meter performance is an essential step in ensuring your flow meter is meeting its specifications. Manufacturers design-in diagnostics tests that can be run in the field, in the pipe (in-situ) or in the instrumentation shop.

M. R. Franceschini, Inc. offers all the services of technical support and consulting for all the products represented by our firm. Our personnel are highly qualified and certified by the

manufacturer, permitting us to offer the service with excellent quality, responsibility and commitment.

Testing the Heater Setting

The transmitter measures the amount of current being applied to the heated pin. This current is converted to power (mW) which infers mass flow rate based on the calibration. Having the right amount of current being measured by the transmitter is essential in ensuring correct flow measurement.

Zero Power Test

Zero Power Test checks that the resistances of the RTDs have not changed since calibration.

Calibration Verification Procedure

Thermal mass flow meter manufacturers have now provided procedures to perform this verification on-site (unless required to send back by regulation or internal requirement). This capability saves process downtime and the cost of re-calibrations.

Verifying Configuration

Many times, “configuration” and “calibration” are terms that are used interchangeably. Configuration checks are not the same as the aforementioned Calibration Verification Procedure; they are only used to verify that the flow meter is calculating expected values based on the original calibration data. This ensures that parameters have not been altered.


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