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What's New: Gai-Tronics TS100 TempSense Standalone Temperature Sensing Unit

Updated: Sep 13, 2021


Gai-Tronics TS100 TempSense Standalone Temperature Sensing Unit

GAI-TRONICS’ TempSense devices make it easy to protect your facility from visitors or employees who may be showing symptoms of sickness.

TempSense units use an infra-red camera (IR) camera to detect object temperatures within its field of view (FOV). The attached monitor displays a continuous view from the (IR) camera, with a caption showing the temperature of the hottest item on the screen. If this temperature is above the threshold limit set, the monitor will capture both IR and standard images of the subject, and an “OVER TEMPERATURE” message will flash on the screen.

TempSense is ideal for a situation where quick temperature scanning of multiple people is needed. It can either be operated by a supervisor, or used in a selfcheck manner.


• Simple, effective visitor or employee temperature scanning

• Non-contact temperature detection

• Infra-red (IR) and standard video cameras

• Two- to six-foot scanning range

• Adjustable over-temperature threshold

• Multiple mounting options allow for permanent or temporary installation

• Automatic, instant detection of people with elevated temperature

• Simple deployment

• Easy calibration using a single control

• Includes power supply, USB, and HDMI cables

Connectivity Options

The TS100 is a stand-alone device that simply connects to a monitor and mouse. No network or additional equipment is required. Connection is provided via power, HDMI, and USB cables.

GAI-TRONICS® owned by Hubbell Incorporated, is the world’s largest company focused on the communication needs of the world’s industrial markets. A pioneer in the development of industrial communication systems since 1946 to satisfy the needs for efficient, reliable, high-performance public address, intercom/paging and emergency notification systems


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