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What's New: ASCO AVENTICS™ 580

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

SOLUTIONS CENTRAL | January 2021 |

ASCO AVENTICS™ 580 CHARM node and Delta V™ Distributed Control System (DCS) Integrated Solution

The 580 CHARM valve system connects to the column extender of the CIOC with extender cables and allows DeltaV to directly control pneumatic valves. This capability alleviates the need for wiring multiple DO CHARMs to individual pneumatic valve solenoid coils, greatly reducing installation time, labor and commissioning. The distribution function allows the CHARMs valve system to be placed in a convenient location inside the marshalling cabinet where the pneumatic connections that go to the process valve are easily coupled. The extender cables bring redundant communication and power to the pneumatic valve system, providing redundant functionality from the DeltaV network to the CIOC, and now all the way to the pneumatic valve system.

Each 580 CHARM valve system supports up to 48 pneumatic solenoid coil connections (or 24 Stations), which can be used in conjunction with various combinations of CHARMs I/O, as long as the total count of I/O does not exceed 96. The pneumatic valve control capacity can now be extended to 96 by using 2 valve systems in tandem. This allows the CIOC’s 96 I/O capability to be completely dedicated to pneumatic solenoid coils, when necessary. And, it decreases the overall footprint by reducing the number of CIOCs required to manage a few hundred solenoid valves needed to support the application.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce installation time and costs with added simplification to commissioning since the 580 CHARM valve system uses DeltaV™ native architecture

  • Eliminate the need for an additional network such as Profibus-DP to connect pneumatic valve manifolds to the DeltaV DCS, simplifying system architecture

  • Allows CIOC (CHARM I/O Card) redundant communication and power connections to reach pneumatic valve manifolds via existing CHARM baseplate for added safety

  • Provide cost savings by reducing wiring, components, labor, and commissioning

  • The interactive graphic display on the node allows for simple commissioning and diagnostics information on energized and de-energized coils and alleviate the need for address plugs

  • The compactness of the 580 CHARMs valve system and the optional cabinet mount option allows for a reduced footprint of the control cabinet

  • Electrical and pneumatic hot-swap capabilities for individual solenoid valve using an optional sandwich shut-off device.

With its flexible modular design, breadth of class-leading valves, digital connectivity and diagnostic capabilities, AVENTICS valve systems are designed to maximize the potential of your fluid automation application. Increase productivity and reduce total costs throughout the lifecycle of your machinery or processes.


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