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What's New: The Mialo by Spirax Sarco

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

SOLUTIONS CENTRAL | January 2021 |

The Mialo™... by Spirax Sarco

Unique Domestic Water Blending System

The Mialo™ is an efficient, safe, and cost effective solution for domestic hot water blending. Its compact design and precise integration of pre-selected equipment ensure the delivery of constant and stable temperature, even under varying load conditions.

Our advanced PID temperature controller uses predictive temperature control techniques and adaptive tuning to continuously provide stable heated water supply at the desired temperature.

Spirax Sarco MialoTM Blending Systems provide high quality low maintenance components to reduce operating costs. The precisely matched control components allow accurate temperature control and responsiveness under all load conditions. No need for storage or buffer tanks in domestic hot water heating applications.

Large fluctuations in cold water make up temperature causes minimal outlet temperature swings due to the use of accurate temperature sensors, which measure the slightest deviation from set-point and adjust control valve position instantaneously.


  • Dry contact relays for Hi and Lo alarms can be set to NO or NC

  • Dry contact for system enable functionality

  • 4-20mA re-transmission of valve position, inlet temperature or outlet temperature

  • 4-20mA remote temperature set point input

  • Modbus communication for BMS connectivity comes standard

  • Optional BACnet connectivity

Operational Specifications

  • Fast and accurate water temperature controls

  • Temperature will be controlled accurately to within +/- 2ºF

  • Automatic hot water flow shut off in case of cold water supply failure

  • Automatic hot water flow shut off in case of sensor failure

  • Automatic hot water flow shut off in case of power failure

  • Programmable set point range for 0°F to 299°F (-18°C to 148°C)

  • Programmable real time functions which can be used for thermal disinfection cycles or other time specific temperature profiles

  • Four programmable high/low temperature alarms

  • Programmable temperature error level

  • Hand wheel for manual control

Our exceptional team of specialists are well trained, extremely knowledgeable, and accessible through our worldwide network. They will take time to fully understand your needs and work with you to find the most effective ways to improve your business performance by optimizing your steam or industrial process plant.



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