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When you think about level measurement all day, amazing things happen!

The new Pulsar® Model R86 is a smarter Non-Contact Radar transmitter for level control.

Magnetrol, the company that changed the game with Guided Wave Radar is about to change the way you think about Non-Contact Radar. That's because the PULSAR Model R86 is here, and it puts over 13 years of Magnetrol® radar expertise to work for you. The PULSAR R86 is Magnetrol's first industrial, 26 GHz Pulse Burst Non-contact Radar transmitter.

More importantly, it's the transmitter with the innovations today's process industries need. The Pulsar® Model R86 Radar level transmitter is the latest generation of Magnetrol loop-powered, 24 VDC, liquid level transmitters. It has a longer measurement range, circular polarization, advanced diagnostics and is easier to use than most loop-powered radar transmitters.

The PULSAR Model R86 offers:

-Improved Performance and Resolution

-Circular Polarization * Nozzle Extensions to 72" (1.8 meters)

-Advanced Diagnostics

-On-Board Help text

-130 foot (40 meter) measurement range

-HTHP Antennas

-SIL 2 Capability offered as standard

The PULSAR R86 is also the perfect complement to the existing Magnetrol Model R96 Radar and Eclipse® Model 706 Guided Wave Radar transmitters. Together, this family of transmitters offers a smarter solution for any of your process level applications.

If you're interested in learning more about the new PULSAR Model R86, and the advanced features of this non-contact radar level transmitter, contact us: 787-622-7080

We look forward to serving you!


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