MRF, Inc. acts as a distributor, agent, representative and integrator of the group of products given below.
The technical support involved in the specification, selection and application of these engineered products as solutions to specific customer problems is at the heart of MRF’s value-added business strategy. In addition to the supply of specific equipment items belonging to these product group, MRF is proud to offer a broad range of “soft” services intended to complement the hardware side of its business.

MRF Technical Field Services

M R Franceschini, Inc., offers all the services of technical support and consulting for all the products represented by our firm. Whatever the nature of the request for services to our products such as: Process Control System Integration, Installation, Commissioning, Start-up, Failure Diagnostic and/or Calibration and Maintenance; our personnel are highly qualified and certified by the manufacturer, permitting us to offer the service with excellent quality, responsibility and commitment.

Startup Configuration & Commissioning

Verify the mechanical and electrical installation of any sensors or transmitters.


As certified technician by factory, we can help our customer to solve the problems every time they have one. Use of software program or sophisticated equipment to facilitate the analysis of problems fast and reliable. Experience technicians in process control to analyze the entire loop.

Calibration (Flow Verification)

Use of standards to verify the accuracy of our customer equipments. Prepare a calibration certificate in accordance of the job performed at the moment of calibration. Troubleshoot if necessary the equipment to be calibrated.

MRF has the solution!