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Superior Long-term Stability Ensures Highly Accurate Mass Flow Control



Watch this video demonstrating how long-term stability of a mass flow controller,

in the application of a bioreactor, impacts cost of ownership.

The Brooks Instrument Mass Flow Controller (MFC) with superior long-term stability delivers key benefits to your process. Compared to a typical mass flow controller, the Brooks Instrument mass flow controller will reach target yields with accurate and stable gas control to your process equipment. As a result, you will spend less time verifying and recalibrating your mass flow controllers while maximizing system uptime with consistent production. Finally, you will save money, time, and lost opportunity to operate your equipment to its fullest potential.

Mass flow control technology. Unsurpassed process precision.

To truly control any process, you must precisely measure what is happening — in the feedline, in the chamber, at every point — then use that information in real time to keep the process precisely on-target and productive.

As the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control, mass flow meter manufacturer Brooks Instrument continues to drive innovation in thermal mass flow and Coriolis flow meter and control technology. We are using new applications of digital technology to improve thermal mass flow sensors, mass flow meter designs and precision mass flow controller performance.

As industry leaders, we continually launch new products and enhance our existing portfolio, including proven elastomer sealed, metal sealed, high temperature and Coriolis mass meters and controllers. Our goal: to unlock new levels of thermal mass flow measurement precision, responsiveness, accuracy and repeatability.


For the industries that use mass flow fluid delivery — bioprocessing, semiconductors, thin film, chemicals and more — productivity, efficiency and profitability are all impacted by the reliability and repeatability of the process data generated by mass flow meters and the performance of fluid mass flow controllers. Precise process control is achieved through the combination of ultra-stable, highly accurate mass flow meter sensors, fast-responding flow control valves and powerful digital electronics.

Key reasons why our mass flow sensors and controllers are the most widely used worldwide include:

  • Industry-best range of digital mass flow meters and other products to meet widest application needs

  • MultiFlo™ technology allows one device to change gas types and ranges without removing the device from the system and improving actual process gas accuracy. MultiFlo™ is offered for use with thermal mass flow controllers or mass flow meters

  • Complete product range includes both elastomer-sealed and metal-sealed options for thermal mass flow sensors and Coriolis mass flow sensors

  • Ultra high-purity mass flow meters and mass flow sensors engineered to satisfy thin film, semiconductor and other high-tech industry requirements


  • Heat treating, cutting and other thermal processes for mass flow sensors

  • Semiconductor and LED production tools

  • Thin film deposition systems

  • Biopharmaceutical bioreactors

  • Petrochemical and chemical gas and liquid pilot plants

  • Purge gas, process analysis and analytical flow measurement

For the past 62 years, M. R. Franceschin, Inc. has been working alongside with Brooks Instrument. Our firm employs factory-trained personnel ready to assist with the pre-design, product selection, and maintenance of most components involved in a precision fluid measurement and control, mass flow meter applications.


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