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The Aurora Magnetic Level Indicator

The Aurora Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) combines Eclipse Guided Wave Radar (GWR) and a float-actuated visual indicator to simultaneously provide both continuous and local level indication. So unique is the Orion Instruments dual redundancy within a single chambered MLI that Aurora has been granted a U.S. patent.

Why a Magnetic Level Indicator ?

The Magnetic Level Indicator is an alternative to leakage prone sight glasses, a traditional but fragile means to achieve visual indication of liquid level. Unlike hard-to-read sight glasses, the Aurora visual indicator is highly visible. Maintenance on the MLI, its transmitter and switches (if so equipped), can be accomplished without breaching the vessel.


• Introduced in 1998, Eclipse Guided Wave Radar quickly ascended to its leading role in process level measurement. GWR is favored for its easy set up, troublefree operation, measurement accuracy, and adaptability to a wide range of conditions.

• The Aurora single chamber houses the Eclipse® sensor probe and a buoyancy float, the former providing continuous measurement and the latter magnetically coupled to a visual indicator to provide local level indication.

• A flag-type indicator (or a moving shuttle) visually indicates liquid level. A variety of measurement scales and indicator flag colors are available.


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