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Spirax Sarco APT, PPEC and Pivotrol Standard Packages

Updated: Jun 13, 2023


A new range of Standard Pump Packages are now available with standard drawings and 3D models.

Spirax Sarco is proud to announce the redesign of our standard mechanically driven pump and pump-trap packages, allowing our customers access to additional pre-sale collateral, decrease order complexity, and improved package delivery. The redesign of the APT, PPEC & Pivotrol Standard Pump Packages will support your efforts with engineering firms to specify Spirax Sarco pump packages by providing 3D models, specifications, 2D drawings, spare parts, and improved documentation prior to purchase order submission.

Redesigning our PPEC & Pivotrol Standard Pump Package offering provides you, our customers and distributors, access to updated options, PDF 2D drawings, 3D models, and a specification document prior to purchase order submission. We also are now incorporating more options within the standard base units including motive & exhaust piping, pump gauge glasses, and pump inlet strainers.

What is a Mechanical Pump Package?

The PPEC & Pivotrol Standard Pump Packages are designed to remove and recover condensate in an open, vented system; optimizing plant efficiency and product quality throughout our customer’s plant. By returning condensate to the boiler house, we are providing an avenue for steam plant efficiency and increased safety by properly re-using or disposing of condensate after the recovery of excess heat energy. ​​​​​​The APT pump trap packages are designed to service heat exchanger and other modulating heat transfer systems. A closed loop condensate removal package where back pressure can affect the ability of a standard steam trap from draining condensate. By using an adequately sized pump trap combination, the chance for heat exchanger stall is severely limited or removed. The pre-piped Standard PPEC & Pivotrol Pump Packages will ensure your customer's process equipment is drained and the condensate is recovered and returned to the boiler feed water tank. Some of the benefits of providing a pre-piped Standard Pump Package:

  • Simplify Installation

  • Ensures all Necessary Equipment is Included

  • Guarantee Successful Operation with a Sole Source Supplier

  • Expertise of our TES and Package Sales Engineers

  • Product Availability

Stock and Availability

By standardizing on designs and subcomponents, Spirax can deliver a standard packaged solution that is repeatable across multiple industries and applications while also benefiting from the minimizing of required stock. The success of the standardizing APT packages has allowed Spirax to reduce and improve average lead time.

Product Features

  • 3 Million Cycle or 5 Year Warranty on Pump Mechanism: Pivotrol pumps carry a 3 million cycle or 5 year warranty plus a lifetime spring warranty.

  • Requires no electrical power: Suitable for hazardous environments.

  • Fully automatic and self-regulating: Only operates when needed. No sensors or controls required.

  • Fully packaged skid solution: Standard drawings, 3D models, fully assembled, tested packaged units that can be delivered to site ready for connection to your system.Corrosion resistance can be enhanced with fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomer or fluorine rubber / fluoro-rubber (FKM) soft goods.

About Spirax Sarco:

Spirax Sarco US is the world leader in high quality products for the control & efficient use of steam & other industrial fluids. Find out more.

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