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The Smart Flow Rate Sensor For Optimized Energy Efficiency

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

SOLUTIONS CENTRAL | September 2021 |

AVENTICS™ Series AF2 Flow Sensor

An economical and practical way to monitor the consumption of compressed air in pneumatic systems is by installing the AVENTICS series AF2 sensors, which allows a quick intervention in case of leakage. This equipment helps optimize energy consumption, avoid machine downtime, and reduce costs.

Features & Benefits

AVENTICS AF2 Flow Rate Sensor differentiators

  • Can be integrated into maintenance unit’s or used as a Sensor-filter-combination device

  • Convenient configuration via webserver for the Ethernet version

  • The sensor has an integrated data logger Statistical evaluation (min, max, avg)

  • Counter (Volume, Mass, Energy) to detect leakages

  • Simulation function for all process variables and all output signals

  • Approvals: CE, UL, RoHS OLED display, 1,50”, resolution 128 x 128 pixels, coloured, electronically rotatable by 90°, 180°, 270°

  • Online configurator with numerous variants and accessories

Greater energy efficiency, lower costs

• The AF2 determines not only the flow, but also the current pressure in the feed line,

enabling advanced diagnosis of the system operating parameters.

• The large, configurable OLED display clearly conveys all operating data. Various visualizations for measurements as well as process curves and cumulative values are possible.

• Data is forwarded to the control either via standard switch or analog outputs, or through IO-Link.

• Data can also be communicated directly via the Ethernet interface, allowing information on the current or cumulative energy consumption to be passed straight on to the relevant parent system without requiring the machine control. The AF2 represents a true IIOT component.

Case Study

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