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What's New: Introducing the Pulsar® Model R80


Magnetrol - AMETEK is excited to introduce our newest member into the Magnetrol Family of Radar Solutions: The Pulsar® Model R80 – 80 GHz FMCW Radar Level Transmitter!

FMCW technology and an 80 GHz operating frequency allow for superior performance, smaller antennas, better accuracy and enhanced resolution. In addition, configuration wizards, “foresight” diagnostics and deep tuning capabilities make commissioning and troubleshooting easier than ever. As is typical with Magnetrol loop-powered devices, the transmitter housing may be separated from the antenna without disrupting the process seal.

Features & Benefits

  • Multivariable two-wire, 24 VDC loop-powered transmitter for level, volume, or flow.

  • Performance not process dependent (changing specific gravity and dielectric have no effect).

  • 80 GHz operating frequency offers superior performance, smaller antennas, better accuracy and enhanced resolution.

  • Antenna designs up to 200°C (+400 °F), -1 to 70 bar (-14.5 to 1000 psi).

  • Range up to 30 meters (100 feet).

  • 4-button keypad and graphic LCD allow for convenience viewing of configuration parameters and echo curve.

  • Proactive diagnostics advise not only what is wrong but also offer troubleshooting tips.

Non-Contact Radar

Non-Contact Radar level transmitters are offered with various operating frequencies, each having their own advantages. There are two types of Non-Contact Radar transmitters:

  • Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW)

  • Pulse Burst Radar

FMCW devices transmit a continuous signal with a constantly changing frequency down toward the liquid. The detected difference in frequencies between the transmitted signal and return echo is proportional to the distance. Pulse Burst Radar transmitters, the older of the two types, emit short bursts of energy to a liquid surface, and incorporate ultra-high-speed timing circuitry to measure the time of the return signal reflected off the liquid surface. Distance is then calculated utilizing the equation:

Distance = C x Transit Time/2, (where C = Speed of Light)

The world works with Magnetrol® Radar Solutions for level measurement

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Magnetrol offers an extensive range of innovative level controls for process industries.

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